Curious To Know About Mcdonald’s And Its Lunch Hours? Here’s Something For You

McDonald’s is a food brand that excites people with its delicious burgers and meals. Nowadays, millions of people love to visit McDonald’s cafes in order to enjoy a meal or have snacks with their friends or partners. The delicious food items on the menu attract many people every day. The exciting thing about McDonald’s is that it adds new food-related items to its menu. Through advertisements and special offers, it appeals to its customers and adds new consumers to its customer base daily. Now you may guess how famous McDonald’s food brand is. Below, we are discussing a little about its history and when does mcdonalds start serving lunch in its franchisees.

Who founded it?
McDonald’s is among the most famous franchises, particularly in America. It was started by two brothers, Richard and Maurice McDonald, in 1948 in California. They began a small restaurant serving milkshakes and hamburgers at the initial stage. Then, they installed a self-service counter instead of hiring chefs and waiters.

The number of McDonald’s restaurants worldwide:
In 100 countries, the number of McDonald’s franchises is around 38,000. It is among the restaurants that serve 68 million individual customers every day. According to researchers, it is a source of living and employment for more than 210,000 people.

When did they start serving lunch to people?
McDonald’s starts serving their customers at sharp 10:00 am, and you can have it till 5:00 pm approx. The timings depend entirely on the location of the franchise. Most McDonald’s restaurants serve their customers the whole day and night, which means 24/7 lunch service is available for their consumers.

On weekdays, which means from Monday to Friday, the lunchtime of McDonald’s is 10:00 am. However, on weekends, McDoans began serving at 11:00 am.

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